Crazy Good Creamy Baked Mac and Cheese Recipe

Crazy Good Creamy Baked Mac and Cheese Recipe

We love most mac and cheese recipes, but this one is at the top of our list. It’s easy to make, can be served as stovetop mac and cheese or baked and it’s unbelievably cheesy and creamy. When choosing pasta for this, choose something that holds onto sauce nicely — elbow macaroni, shells, or spiral pasta works well. If you can, grate the cheese yourself, store-bought grated cheese does not melt as nicely. We really like using white cheddar cheese for this. It is usually much sharper than yellow cheddar and melts perfectly into the sauce. Many recipes like this call for Gruyere cheese instead of Romano. Gruyere is lovely in this recipe, so feel free to substitute it for the Romano.

Makes approximately 8 servings

You Will Need


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NUTRITION PER SERVING: Calories 763 / Protein 35 g / Carbohydrate 63 g / Dietary Fiber 3 g / Total Sugars 9 g / Total Fat 41 g / Saturated Fat 25 g / Cholesterol 118 mg
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