Easy Tortilla Chips (Fried or Baked)

Easy Tortilla Chips (Fried or Baked)

For the best homemade tortilla chips, fry them. We have shared details for fried and baked tortilla chips in the recipe. The baked chips are excellent, but they will not be as light or crispy as the traditionally fried chips. In the recipe ingredients, we call for 10 corn tortillas, but you can increase or decrease this amount based on how many chips you would like to make.

For the best flavor, look for tortillas that have been made using nixtamilized corn. Nixtamal is dried corn that has been cooked and soaked in water with calcium hydroxide (also known as slaked lime or cal). Not all store-bought tortillas use this method, which is why the flavor of corn tortillas can vary. Look for the words “nixtamel” or “nixtamalized” on the package. You can also look at the ingredients list on the package. It should be short and have the words “lime” or “cal” present.

Makes 60 chips or more

You Will Need


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NUTRITION PER SERVING: Serving Size About 12 chips / Calories 177 / Total Fat 9.8g / Saturated Fat 1.4g / Cholesterol 0mg / Sodium 254.1mg / Carbohydrate 21.4g / Dietary Fiber 3g / Total Sugars 0.4g / Protein 2.7g
The full recipe post can be found on Inspired Taste here: https://www.inspiredtaste.net/48859/tortilla-chips/