Easy Roasted Eggplant (Family Favorite!)

Easy Roasted Eggplant (Family Favorite!)

My whole family goes crazy for this roasted eggplant recipe. This is how to roast eggplant so that the middle is tender and the outside is perfectly caramelized. Eggplant roasted with oil and salt is perfectly delicious, but if you have the spices available, we highly recommend trying our warm and toasty spice blend. Adam, our son, and I go crazy for it. We have provided measurements for ground spices and whole spices. If you are using whole spices, grind them in a spice grinder or mortar and pestle.

When choosing eggplants, look for them to have shiny skin, feel heavy for their size, be slightly firm, and have a green stem.

Makes about 3 cups

You Will Need


Adam and Joanne's Tips

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NUTRITION PER SERVING: Serving Size about 3/4 cup / Calories 79 / Total Fat 5.5g / Saturated Fat 0.8g / Cholesterol 0mg / Sodium 293.4mg / Carbohydrate 8.1g / Dietary Fiber 4.1g / Total Sugars 4.8g / Protein 1.3g
The full recipe post can be found on Inspired Taste here: https://www.inspiredtaste.net/51624/roasted-eggplant/