new find: stone baked artisan rolls

It should be obvious by now that Adam and I are carbohydrate-loving-individuals, shown by our recent adventures with breakfast rolls, chocolate cake and the salted caramel chocolate chip cookies we devoured a few weeks ago.

The kind folks at Pepperidge Farm must have noticed, because a couple of weeks ago they contacted us about their new Stone Baked Artisan Rolls, asking us to give them a try. If we liked them, they asked if we would accept a challenge to provide tips to help families create an elevated experience at home. We loved the concept, so we said yes. This was sponsored and Adam and I receive a stipend for our time.  That said, we were excited to learn we could help families connect over food and the rolls sounded great, so we drove past our usual stomping ground, Trader Joe’s, and made our way into another store to find them.

They were not hard to miss, located in the freezer section with bright new packaging, so we bought both varieties, French and Multigrain and a chocolate bar (just because) and we went back home to give them a go. (read: the chocolate bar did not make it home or even past the parking lot — it was a large parking lot).

Here is the deal. Preheat to 400 degrees F. Place on baking tray, then in the oven for about 10 minutes. Remove from the oven and enjoy.  Like I said earlier, we usually shop at Trader Joe’s, they are closer to us and we love their products, especially their selection of half-baked breads, something we honestly purchase almost every time we go. So, to find a product just as delicious and easy was truly exciting. Our carb-loving-selves were very happy.

After giving the Stone Baked Artisan Rolls a try, we were excited to take Pepperidge Farm’s challenge — they asked for three tips, to help families enjoy an elevated experience when together, a challenge we are very happy to take on.

We have a few tips in mind, but would love to know what you or your family do to elevate a weeknight meal, a family picnic or lunch.

Look for our tips soon!

-Joanne and Adam

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