The Adventure, Joanne now has bragging rights

It’s important to get exercise. It is. We knew that on Saturday when we decided to get some, we just didn’t know how much we would actually get. We are two (plus one adorable kitty) very lucky people, you see we live (on purpose) in a town where walking, biking and doing any thing BUT driving is normal. We wanted some exercise, so, Adam, not Joanne, just Adam (remember this for later in the story), decided it would be a good idea to bike all the way from our condo to National Harbor. The map below shows what that meant.

You remember this was Adam’s idea, right?

Moving on. I was in pain, serious pain. You see, I can ride a bike, I even have an adorable shopping basket and fantastic bell attached to my bike, but long distances, hills, no, I have no experience. But, being the amazing wife I am, I obliged my dear Adam. {full disclosure – written by Adam: In National Harbor, there is a Baja Fresh, one of Joanne’s favorite places to eat, she pretty much takes over all the salsas, she then proceeds to talk about it for days and begs, yes, begs, to go back…the bike ride was not a hard sell.}

So, I was in pain. But, I pushed through. I made it all the way to National Harbor, hills and all. Then, it came to the time that we needed to turn back. ‘Okay’, I thought to myself, ‘I made it here, I can make it back, right?’

Here is the thing, I never had to find out.  My husband, with the super fancy mountain bike, decided to hop, with his bike, up onto a large mound… there was a noise, well two noises, one from the bike, which was more of a cracking noise and one from my husband which was more of a — not appropriate for all audiences noise —

Anyway, I, being the cautious, loving wife that I am, with a bike that works perfectly, I might add, went over to my husband to see what happened. His chain broke. In two. Ummm. Notice the face.

Yeah, whoops. I love my husband very much, but what happened that day may have hurt our relationship. I am serious. Once that chain broke, it meant one thing and one thing only – walk back. You got that, right — from where HIS chain broke. Lets put that into perspective — you see that map down there, I want to be at “B”, and yet I am at the further most point on the bottom right. Not cool. It took a very long time.

Here is another view:

On the positive side of things, my bike was just fine, chain and all. Plus, I get to hold this over his head for a bit. You can help, you know – just a thought.



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  • Ryan June 2, 2011, 8:36 pm

    Wow you guys told me it was a tough ride but I didn’t get all of the details!

  • Erin May 12, 2011, 9:17 am

    So proud of you guys for the effort! How many miles is that ride? Maybe you both need some bike tools for your birthdays!


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